Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Welcome to our brand new collections blog. While the Art Gallery & Museum are closed for a major redevelopment project, this is where you can keep up to date with news and views from the curatorial team, as well as get involved with the process of interpreting and redisplaying the collections.  

The curatorial team taking part in Curators' Question Time
during the Castle Quay Weekender

A great deal of our energy at the moment is being taken up by the mammoth task of packing and moving collections so that the building work can begin. Over the next few months we'll be writing about our experiences of this, so keep your eyes peeled for posts on moving mummies, grasshoppers masquerading as locusts, and how to fit a fire engine into a lift.

We're moving out

We'll also be encouraging our fantastic volunteers to share some of their experiences of working on the collections.

Bill Knight, our longest standing volunteer, examines
Palaeolithic flints

As well as regular 'object of the week' posts, the curatorial team will be posting updates on our work in designing the new displays that will be at the heart of the redeveloped Art Gallery & Museum. We're hoping that sharing some of the excitement we’re feeling at the prospect of this, as well as the challenges that we’ll be facing, will encourage you to get involved in the process too. We’d love to hear your comments, thoughts and ideas. 

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